Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Goodness let this be the last snowfall that needs to be shoveled!?!

Okay maybe not everyone shoveled, it was very wet snow and most of it was long gone by 3 O'clock. It's been so dry here with much of the moisture last winter came in the form of rain that did us no good, too many times every form of moisture fell within 24 hours period. With the ground being frozen it went down the drain. Didn't want to waste all that free water. So I shoveled it into the backyard and on to the front lawn so it soaked in, instead of it ending up in the river. This hopefully will be the last of the winter weather  that has overstayed it's welcome by lasting six months!
Really hope these are the last pictures I take of the cold rain and snow, that made up our winter. We have in the past gotten snow in May, so the shovels will stay at the ready until after the grass is cut at least once. Took a few more pictures.

Never walk under a tree like this as I learned, it's not just the ice that falls 
Limbs coated in ice do also! Ouch
Another lesson relearned.
Thankfully it broke when it hit me and wasn't too big!
As I was breaking up the limb another chunk of ice fell hitting me in the head
Darn good thing I'm hard headed!:-)

Mr. Owen

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Matt Allen G said...

6 months of winter like THAT? I am sooo jealous.... We get like 2 months of winter by which I mean, around 50F, no snow, but then it's right back to 90-110 degrees F daily weather, great for MS! (sarcasm) Although I know a lot of people who say the cold is their MS' Enemy, but still!

I wanted to move to Dublin, Ireland but since health insurance won't let that happen I have my sights set on Olympia Washington now, the cold seems to pretty much be my cure along with Tysabri that is.

Karen said...

Nice photos! We got snow today too.

Mary Gerdt said...

Hope spring comes soon!

Nancy said...

Your pictures gave me chills. Love the dogs. So cute. Have to wear a helmet outdoors eh?

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Hi Matt, For me cooler temps work better anything over 80 I melt. Good luck on moving.

Karen, Thanks

Mary, Looks like this weekend!;-)

Nancy, Yes and they know it. Maybe or not walk under trees with ice on them. LOL

Matt Allen G said...

yeah 75 is my limit for actually DOING something outside, If I am moving much I prefer my limit to go to 70 but in Dublin, 40 made me feel so great, cold, but my symptoms were all gone pretty much...

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Matt, I hear you, with my med's I've got to stay out of the sun. When the dewpoint temperatures get above 60 degrees it's time for me to stay inside. Winter is the best time for me, everything is easier except getting around with all the snow that many don't shovel the sidewalks, it's a trade off, if only the snow didn't fall on the streets and sidewalks! It would to be awesome.LOL

Matt Allen G said...

haha well, we cant have it all and i would take that over 110 degrees most the year because again, in Dublin, it was like 30-40 and i felt as though I did not even have MS...