Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The weekend and Memorial Day

For me remembering the many people who died in service with me in the Army, isn't set aside to just one day. None of them died in combat or in a battle, a very few made it in their local newspaper but it wasn't front page news, only one made the local T.V. news that I know of,  maybe because he was murdered in the parking lot of the Army reserve center. At his funeral the salute given, was one all of us wanted returned but wasn't. Most were caused in training accidents but not all, three I saw die and one I held his hand as the light of life faded from his eye's, his death did make the newspaper and it said "Five died in rollover car accident last night." Understanding that those who died in war fighting for this country and for freedom, deserve to be honored not just on Memorial day but everyday. To the mothers, wife's and husband's, son's and daughter's I am so sorry for your loss, for they did something few would do, by putting their life on the line for others. There is no way to thank you or them enough, for the sacrifice that was made. To the Mothers next mother's day look at the flags on federal building for in the morning they are at half staff in honor of you at noon they are raised to full staff. This country will never forget the sacrifice you made.

I'm glad and proud that Memorial day weekend isn't called the unofficial start of summer as often as it once was. Hope it stay's a day to remember the sacrifice others made for us and freedom for a long time to come.

As a Veteran of the military a day is set a side for us here and in many countries around the world, so join with us to honor and celebrate with us in the eleventh month on the eleventh day at the eleventh hour for those who served and or are serving in all branches of the military. For a time the United States, was the only country that observed it on a Monday or Friday making it a three day weekend. Thankfully it was changed back so we can join with many to honor veterans around the world.     

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Living within my changing limitations.

Is working out good for me, I'm not missing out and my life isn't dull. Finding I'm happier and healthier by not pushing past the point of what I'm capable of, because the price is too high. Learning I have more time then energy, pushing pass the pain to get a task done sooner only makes my recovery time so much longer ranging from weeks to as long as a month instead hours to a day maybe two. By doing what I'm able to knowing I'll get done what needs doing. Having stopped living on a time table I'll admit was of my own making. Kind of silly with limitations that are  changing to set time table's, when I'm not sure what I'll have to work with the next day, finding a balance isn't always easy, if I don't at least try I'll end up on a the M.S. roller coaster ride, that's hard to get off. So I have fun by being more able to do most of things I enjoy. Within the progression of M.S. and getting older, I'll push a bit too far to fast and pay for it. The difference now is I don't get back on the M.S. roller coaster, by slowing down a bit and learning what my new limitations are and begin working within them. Doing this is really helping me enjoy the little things that turn out to be the big things. The things I can't do are increasing, however what I'm able to do with what I got to work with, is growing by learning new and different ways of doing things, it will take longer I've got the time, to learn how to use the energy I have more efficiently. Makes more room for the fun stuff I love doing. Yes M.S. has slowed me down faster than just getting older has that's true enough, but it's also showed me wonders I would have never seen. Like watching a bud growing into a flower. Seeing a baby bird that failed to fly and watching as other birds bring it food showing it how to hop up into to a bush for safety at night, to seeing it take it's first flight, hearing birds seemly praise it as it flies into the tree to join them. Little things that I would have never had the time to notice, if not for M.S. my focus has changed from what has been taken from me, to all I've gained in spite of what M.S. and aging have taken from me. So far life been a learning experience of all I don't know and trust me that's a heck of a lot! Are all the things I've learned important Nope most just make me smile.

It's not about what I can't do anymore
It's about what I'm able to do with what I have to work with

Before I end yes, there always is a balance of good verses bad and light and dark. For  me I take the lessons learned from both and find my balance. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

My Birthday and seeing Gettysburg

Turning 50 wasn't hard it's only a measurement of time, being a mile stone Birthday and the first one my Mom and I wouldn't be chatting for hours on the phone about everything, mostly about Birthday's hers and her  Mom's, and the ones from when we were kids with all the cousin's most of us kids were born in either November and or around May, so we had a big party each summer, because I was so young don't remember much, seeing the pictures with all of us kids in the back yard of "2932" sharing  her memories of the many party's in the backyard, and telling me her reason why at forty five she colored her hair gray. What she told everyone was a woman should have their hair colored at least once! Her other reason for wanting it done was  because her Mom passed away before she had one gray hair and she thought her Mom would have looked good with gray hair. How we laughed at how gray her hair had getting over the years, with only a very few dark ones left and so much gray hair. Back when I took her to get her hair she told the hairdresser "I told them to only cut the grays one. She had always called my brothers and I on our birthday's to sing happy birthday to us. For the last few years of her life I would let the answering machine take that call and wait to pickup until after she was done singing so I could listen to it over again. Knowing soon a birthday was coming when I wouldn't receive a call from her. This being the first mile stone birthday I didn't want to be home waiting for a call, I knew wouldn't come. 

We started planning this visit to Jane's sister Char shorty after we got back from Florida last year  got the plane tickets in January. Long before we went to Las Vegas thankfully not everything stays in Vegas so what we came home with became the spending money for this trip. Most of it was spent at the gift shop at Gettysburg, the money spent there goes to help with the up keep of Gettysburg so we got some cool stuff and helped keep Gettysburg the way it is. 

Having only seen it in painting's in both the north and south some had more blue or gray depending on what side of the line it was on. Seeing it in person was amazing the battle field is much bigger then any painting showed. Having serviced in the Army knowing and learning about this battle, it was nice seeing it as a peaceful resting place for so many from both sides.    
Devils den 

The battle field is so big! Learned during the battle, people would go out and have a picnic lunch and watch the battle. Some of the monuments in this photo are up to ten miles away. Knowing this place through it's history is something. After seeing it and the pain it caused to both sides and as a nation. That as a people we are still having trouble with the equality issue, maybe it's the wording of it or that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a Corporation has the same rights as a person. What is it that makes it's okay to withhold rights to any person or group of people. 

Loved the view from here, 
I could just see the Mountain's
in all but one of the photo's
from Gettysburg 

The trip has help reinforced what I believe.
There are somethings worth dying for,
but few are worth killing for.

It's a trip I'll never forget.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pennsylvania was a great trip!

Jane's Sister Char and her Son Steve were wonderful, Gold star's for each the best meal was at Char's house. As tour guilds we saw everything that we wanted to see and then some. The Amish Village was fun, the animals 

Had some fun taking pictures of Jane, Char and Steve and yes I'm the one behind the pictures, just the way I like it! Now if Jane learn how to use this camera Oh boy I'll be in trouble.tee hee 

It was a bit chilly for them, meaning it was perfect for me.
It rained every day except the day we arrived, 
with all the sightseeing we did, really didn't get rain out. 

The Amish don't like their picture taken so I tried to respect that. 
Wanted one of the mode of transportation they use
I think I did that with this picture.
Can't really see the horse he was beautiful.

Staying at Char's was nice, not having to pay for a hotel room was great! Being able to spend more time visiting with them was the best part of the trip. The garden was the inspiration for Walking through a garden the post before this post. 

Meet more of the family Ann, grand daughter Valerie, great grand son Makai and Denny the dog is Char's Tommy. Not pictured is Willie. Had dinner with them the night before very nice people. Stopped by to say goodbye the last night we were there.  

The hostess with the mostess
Char, with Tommy and Jane 

 Tommy loves his toys
almost as much as he loves Char
Thank's in part to Char, Jane and my not trying to do much.
Turned out to be a great trip.
For the first time M.S. took a back seat for most of this trip. 

 Next post Gettysburg and my 50th Birthday!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Walking through a garden

Walking through a garden
By Mary K. Mennenga

That is now over grown
The signs of love can still be seen
The number of roses and colors planted
Surely there where bouquets of 
Fresh flowers throughout the home
Sharing the love
Of two hearts that beat as one
From spring to fall something is blooming
With loving hands it was made
One pair of hands has gone silence
Each year flowers bloom
Makes it easy to see
That love endures

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Garden grow! Had a lamb! The future?

Being named Mary I've heard that one all of my life. This has been my answer and it true this year too, with one small change with the lack of snow. The frost killed it the rain froze it and I haven't planted it yet. As for Mary had a little lamb? Answer; And the Doctor was surprised!
The weather has been warm. Living and planting here in Minnesota most of my life and forced to replant due to frost so many times over the years. No matter that this year has been really warm but, it's still Minnesota and the temperature can still dip down into the low 30's. So far it's happened 3 times this spring. So I'll wait to plant until the time is right, for one night in the 30's will set my plants back a week or more. 

Getting ready to visit Jane's sister Char on Saturday we'll be in Pennsylvania for five days and will be able to watch the Kentucky Derby I love seeing the horses. Three days later is my 50 Birthday Jane and I are taking Char and her son out to dinner just the four of us, it will be fun both are very nice and easy to be around. All I have to do is not stress myself out before we leave, I'm getting better at this. Even so I'm planning on staying closer to home after this trip. There really is no place like home. When we get home I'll put the garden in and watch it grow.

Been enjoying my memories of life so far, all the love shared with my family and friends. All the fun and laughter that out numbered all tears. The pranks pulled and joke told that still make me smile. The lessons learned, questions answered and then questioned. Understanding that it's up to me to shape the year's to come, life is a journey with twists and turns that for sure. Maybe I should start acting my age Na! It's just a number to mark the passage of time and nothing more. I'm truly enjoying the middle of life, more than willing toss the crappy parts out. You might be thinking is there anything, that I would change if I could? Nope not one thing  nor can I regret any of the choices I've made because at the time I made them, it was the best choice I could make of the options open to me at that time. When the time comes for my last goodbye no matter what ended my life, the cause of death will be from living.  This is from a post Learning... With a small prayer March 28,2011 It's how I end my prayer's each day  "When this day comes to it's ends please lord grant me rest, thank you lord for giving me this day it was a gift and I hope you'll grant me one more, if not I'll leave with no regrets, either way I'll see you when I wake. Amen"