Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pennsylvania was a great trip!

Jane's Sister Char and her Son Steve were wonderful, Gold star's for each the best meal was at Char's house. As tour guilds we saw everything that we wanted to see and then some. The Amish Village was fun, the animals 

Had some fun taking pictures of Jane, Char and Steve and yes I'm the one behind the pictures, just the way I like it! Now if Jane learn how to use this camera Oh boy I'll be in trouble.tee hee 

It was a bit chilly for them, meaning it was perfect for me.
It rained every day except the day we arrived, 
with all the sightseeing we did, really didn't get rain out. 

The Amish don't like their picture taken so I tried to respect that. 
Wanted one of the mode of transportation they use
I think I did that with this picture.
Can't really see the horse he was beautiful.

Staying at Char's was nice, not having to pay for a hotel room was great! Being able to spend more time visiting with them was the best part of the trip. The garden was the inspiration for Walking through a garden the post before this post. 

Meet more of the family Ann, grand daughter Valerie, great grand son Makai and Denny the dog is Char's Tommy. Not pictured is Willie. Had dinner with them the night before very nice people. Stopped by to say goodbye the last night we were there.  

The hostess with the mostess
Char, with Tommy and Jane 

 Tommy loves his toys
almost as much as he loves Char
Thank's in part to Char, Jane and my not trying to do much.
Turned out to be a great trip.
For the first time M.S. took a back seat for most of this trip. 

 Next post Gettysburg and my 50th Birthday!


Karen said...

It's so nice to get together with family!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I see a lot of fun in these photos...I think the Amish are a bunch of nice people. Great to see friends and family too

kmilyun said...

Looks like you had an enjoyable visit. Lots of smiling faces.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Karen, Kim @ and kmilyun,It was so much fun, the smiles make me smile remembering the reasons for the smiles. The Amish are indeed, kind and make some amazing things.