Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The weekend and Memorial Day

For me remembering the many people who died in service with me in the Army, isn't set aside to just one day. None of them died in combat or in a battle, a very few made it in their local newspaper but it wasn't front page news, only one made the local T.V. news that I know of,  maybe because he was murdered in the parking lot of the Army reserve center. At his funeral the salute given, was one all of us wanted returned but wasn't. Most were caused in training accidents but not all, three I saw die and one I held his hand as the light of life faded from his eye's, his death did make the newspaper and it said "Five died in rollover car accident last night." Understanding that those who died in war fighting for this country and for freedom, deserve to be honored not just on Memorial day but everyday. To the mothers, wife's and husband's, son's and daughter's I am so sorry for your loss, for they did something few would do, by putting their life on the line for others. There is no way to thank you or them enough, for the sacrifice that was made. To the Mothers next mother's day look at the flags on federal building for in the morning they are at half staff in honor of you at noon they are raised to full staff. This country will never forget the sacrifice you made.

I'm glad and proud that Memorial day weekend isn't called the unofficial start of summer as often as it once was. Hope it stay's a day to remember the sacrifice others made for us and freedom for a long time to come.

As a Veteran of the military a day is set a side for us here and in many countries around the world, so join with us to honor and celebrate with us in the eleventh month on the eleventh day at the eleventh hour for those who served and or are serving in all branches of the military. For a time the United States, was the only country that observed it on a Monday or Friday making it a three day weekend. Thankfully it was changed back so we can join with many to honor veterans around the world.     


Travelogue for the Universe said...

reading late...Very Well said. mary

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Thank's Mary glad you liked it.