Friday, March 9, 2012

Update on my buddy Ben

It been a bit rush, wasn't going to dog sit until Thursday, but Grey Girl human mom e-mailed on Monday that she wanted me to dog sit Grey Girl on Tuesday, let her know about Ben, by e-mail that she said she didn't read it. Ended up having Grey girl the rest of the week, they got along fine. It set back some of the training Ben needed before Thursday when Mr. Owen would be staying with us while his human Mom went to visit her sister, they came over on Tuesday afternoon so Ben and Owen got to know each other, with us all together Ben even let her pet him a bit, there were no problems.
Wednesday was good Ben and Grey girl got along great both slept most of the day, nice break for me. About 9 O'clock that night the tenant started going through her boxes stacked 5 feet high, filling her side of the basement, having hard wood floors you can hear what's being said shes not a quiet person, I understand she needed to get it cleaned out. Wouldn't have been a problem if she had stopped at 11 O'clock, and didn't have her music up loud and trying to talk to her friend who was helping her at 2:30AM she stopped. Ben was upset and shaking, didn't want to go out
Thursday had Ben, Grey girl and Owen they all got along great, Ben still needed to be very close to me, when Jane got home from work Owen followed her everywhere, as he always does when he is here, he is her bed partner, that's Jane's favorite part.
Friday was a rush as the tenant on the other side of the duplex was packing and starting to move out with all the noise Ben wasn't dealing with it well at all. He got so jumpy and afraid, some of it rubbed off on Owen add in Grey girl, as we were all going out the tenant's friend were coming in, Ben ran back into the house and jump up on the table. I knew he needed to go out to go potty, thought it was safe, it wasn't in comes the tenant and friend again, grabbed Ben to get him outside but we didn't make it out fast enough, did half his business on me and the floor, got it all cleaned. Got all three back in, got Ben calmed down was playing with Owen Ben doesn't know how to play yet Ben was laying just behind me, when Owen ran around me and gave Ben the toy oh my what a sweet little man he is! Ben laid his head on the toy, Owen did this  until all the toys were around Ben, Owen is a sweetheart.
Saturday and Sunday went the same as Friday just no Grey girl, and more people coming in and out, at all hours and it seemed they did so as LOUDLY as humanly possibly! Mr. Owen was great thank goodness he can bark, very good at it I'd like to add it helped Ben a bit. Mr. Owen has a great human Mom thank's Lisse.
Monday was the get rid of crap day, piles of boxes everywhere...ect! That night Owen's human Mommy came to pick him up. Oh was he happy to see her, not sure but it almost sounded like Mr. Owen said "Mommy get me the heck out of here!" Tuesday was major moving day what a cluster muck, sounded like a herd of elephants with Jane home I put my five most calming CD's in and cranked it UP Ben went to sleep more from exhaustion I think, it was raining a bit that night everyone got some much need sleep. Almost done!
Wednesday they got it all packed up and ready rolled out of here at 11pm. we did the walk through it was empty, what a mess good thing she had a cleaning lady coming on Thursday don't know what she paid the cleaning lady but it wasn't enough! the place looked great all shined up like a brand new penny.
Ben is doing great, after hes gotten some rest and me too. Ready for the weekend the new tenant won't be moving in until the end of April! Thank goodness we now have some much needed peace and quiet!

My friend Kit thought I should add Pictures of the three dogs so I have Thanks Kit;-)
Mr. Owen

The big one is Grey Girl
This is Ben


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the story Mary-So very glad you will get some "peace and quiet", for a while any way...Take care and God bless you my dear friend. Sandra.

Kit Minden said...

Would love to see some pics of the three pups! Talk about having your hands full! Wow!

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Sandra, It's been nice and Ben is now willing to sleep on the other side of the room. If I'm out of sight to long he will come find
Peace be with you my friend Sandra. Mary K.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Hey Kit, Now why didn't I think of that I'll add them soon as I can. Thanks Mary K.

Kate said...

Oh Mary that first that picture of Ben on his bed looks so much like Spike! Ben is bigger and you can see has lovely long legs but at a glance they are so similar, (you may have seen pics in my blog?) The other dogs are lovely too!


Mary K. Mennenga said...

Katie, Yes I did see your pictures of Spike on your blog and your right they do look similar. Have a nice weekend and thank's for stopping by. mkm