Sunday, March 18, 2012

I've been around Dog's most of my life!

     But I've never seen or heard of a dog that’s afraid of squirrels, that is until we got Ben. If I had not seen it I would not have believed it myself! Took Ben outside to do his business, he was walking around to his favorite spot on the south side of the house. Ben came to a dead stop looking but not moving, tucking his tail as I got closer and looking around the corner to see what could have gotten inside our fenced in yard to scary him so much. What I saw was a small SQUIRREL sitting under the bird-feeder holding a half-eaten nut! The squirrel looked as afraid as Ben; I was now right next to Ben thinking now he’ll go for the squirrel. But NO Ben started slowly backing up, as the squirrel was continued to finish his nut, I took one step toward the squirrel and it run under the fence and was gone, I had to call Ben to get him to come so his business trip wasn't wasted. Okay I thought maybe it was a fluke. Took him out yesterday same reaction, too a different squirrel, this time I took a step toward the squirrel and it was gone. Still had to call Ben to do his business, as you may know I feed birds and squirrel so I’m hoping this behavior stops soon if not we’ll need to find Ben a new favorite spot or move the bird-feeder out of the backyard, which I’ll do if Ben can’t get passed his fear. Today we’re going to look into the calming nervous dog stuff. His fear is too strong; don’t want him to have a heart attack over a squirrel!

As a side note the temperature here this morning was 59 degrees a new record high low temperature and we'll set a new record high for sure! Normal high temperature here for today is 43 degrees! Many folks around here are wearing shorts and tee shirts.   

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