Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Here I go again with the weather!

To say it's been a mild winter here so far would be a HUGE understatement. Having April temps in January above average by 10 degree or more for 20 days in a roll. Being able to get out and about every weekend, without all the hassle of dealing with snow and the cold, has really been grand. The weather folks are saying it going to change, can't say I'm not glad to hear it, tired of needing to water the trees. Don't mind the low heating bills and seeing my neighbors walking their dogs in short sleeves  shirts it's 49 degrees today. Yes it is going to end it always does waking up to 16 degrees on Thursday will be a bit of a shock even if that's normal for this time of year. Everyone will get back into the layers and layers to keep warm and all I'll see are their eyes in the bundles they've tucked themselves into. Having missed hearing from the bundles as they are about to get that last piece on, out comes a groan as they start pulling off each layer faster and faster asking them calmly what's wrong it's always pretty the same "Oh (any four letter word will do) NOW I'VE GOT TO PEE!! It's the one for me that never gets old, a time or two I've been knew to run the water a bit longer then needed when grabbing a glass of water. One of the many little things that my Mother taught me. But when she did it there were 5 to 10 kids with only one bathroom and it was up stairs.  


Karen said...

It never fails, I always have to pee when I get my layers on ;)

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Sometimes it that first cold that finds the gap in my layers and sending me rushing into the house! Thank Karen have wonderful day. mkm