Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time for a vacation M.S. isn't sure I should go

A real vacation getting on a plane going to Florida, staying in a resort with an ocean view on the beach. It's been a long time since we've gone on a vacation like this. The last one was over 15 years ago. Lately I'd been doing fairly good, that is until four weeks ago, my right rotator-cuff goes nut's can't use it frozen go to urgent care get it checked, long story short it's calcium depots get them broken up and taken care of. Started working on recovering pain level is much improved, being careful not to push to hard.

Knowing I need both arm's to use my apparatus a stand up walker I use to get around. Needing to use my left hand and arm which is the weaker of the two. What decides to rear it head! Yep my brains inability to tell my muscle to stop pulling or is it my muscle telling the brain I'm done! So the tendonitis in my right elbow and the pain it causes makes it impossible to use it at all back to the Doctor I go, the news isn't what I had hoped for, the rehab will take 4 to 6 weeks. I'm leaving for Florida in two! I'll say this about M.S. it's  timing is horseshit!

Will I let it stop me from having as much fun as I'm able?  Or listening to the waves hit the shore as I watch the sun slowly setting into the sea? Nope! You see M.S. may slow me down from time to time but it can never stop me from being me. I'm not in control of what it takes. How I handle what it takes is definitely within my control! The way I see it M.S. can't win, a  war I've already won by just continuing to be me.


CeAnne said...

You most definitely should go!

Vicky said...

And go you will! Nothing keeps my friend Mary down. You may have your challenges but, your brain is still strong. You are like the energizer bunny ... you just keep going and going and going! I respect you for the determination you show each and every day no matter what comes your way. I am proud to be your friend.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Thank you for your kindness, Vicky it means a great deal to me, as does your friendship.