Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why it may seem I don't write about m.s.

Yep I have multiple sclerosis however it will never define who I am, does it impact my life of course. That doesn't mean I'm willing to let it take control of me or change who I've always been. Everyone has things they must deal with to continue being who they are some big and some small. No matter it's name if your going to die from it or if you wish it would just get it over with and kill you. No matter what we are all going to die it's just the way life works, nothing anybody does will stop it from happening, well not yet anyway.

The only part we are responsible for and have any control of is the living part. Each one of us needs to decide for ourselves if  and how we are going deal with the hand that life has dealt us. This is a choice with no right or wrong answer and one only you can make it. 

As for me I will not quit or give into fear or hopelessness, m.s. is just one piece of my life and I refuse to give it anymore power than it already has. It's the reason why I titled my blog. It is what it is, until it isn't what it once was. Whatever life bring my way I'll handle it, it's my life and I will not let anything stand in my way of living. Does that mean I accept everything it does to me NO! Do I think the way I look at is the right way goodness no! It's just the way I've found that works for me. It's taken a long time and a great deal of misdirected anger on my part to get to the point of accepting I'm not in control of what it does to me. All I can do is make the adjustments I need to, so I can continue just being who I've always been me.

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