Saturday, December 11, 2010


The spirit of Christmas isn't a once a year thing. The way I look at it, it's an act of faith, love and being kind to everyone. Not because you have to or because it's the right thing to do, so people think your a good person! It's not a thing you need to think about doing it's who you are. You don't do it for gain or praise, or because you feel someone can't do it themselves. It's something that needed doing so you did it and now it's done. So no one needs to worry about it anymore, because it's out of the way.  Random acts of kindness can be done everyday for no reason at all it's a kindness nothing more. It's like giving a free gift to yourself each time you share a kindness, just like on Christmas. 

Doing Christmas is different there's a time table and it all needs to come together before December 25th. I'll admit I love looking at the fruits of your labor it's beautiful, most years I do that too. It's so festive the shining lights the scenes lighten the heart making the world a beautiful spot to be, no matter if it's on a blanket of snow or not. It's a gift you share with everyone who drives by or comes by to enjoy it along with you. That is doing and showing the spirit of Christmas that's for sure, I for one want to Thank you for the light's you shine on a dark night. 

At times the doing part of Christmas isn't something I'm up to doing, it doesn't mean I don't have the spirit because I do! Maybe I'm just being lazy, no it isn't that not really. I've got other thing's I want to get done. You all know the doing part of Christmas takes time and work. Things that need to be done are put on hold until the holidays are over. This is only the second year in my life, that I haven't done the do Christmas thing. Do I have a reason for not doing the Christmas thing? Not really, unless you count the putting up, then trying to keep already dying tree for losing all it's needles before the the first of January. Then taking down, packing it all up then putting them away all in less then 7~8 weeks!

Having never put it down on paper, now I see why this year I didn't do it. Next year I will and try to make up for not doing it this year, so it's all good! 

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