Sunday, October 17, 2010


Today was warm for this time of year, normally most of the leaves are off the trees by now and a cool breezy greets as you open the door. One year ago we were shoveling two inches of snow. This year the seasons have been just a bit off. Of course had the spring floods, it got hot early then 3 weeks later it was cold. It was almost like nature decided not to change the season's but mix it all up 3 weeks cold then 4 weeks hot back and forth it went, the garden tryed very hard to grow but too hot to soon and no rain back into the cold and to much rain. Adding insult to injury just as the crops were to come in fall flooding that isn't something we deal with very often flooding fields, roads and towns, it's a mess to be sure.

Maybe winter will calm down a bit (who am I kidding) last winter we had 2 inch's of rain around Christmas and froze hard going from 40 down to 28 the next day, the ice didn't go away until March. So I'll take the good with the bad realizing I'm not in control of anything but my choices and at times even that can be called into question. I still see the glass half full even then at times it's almost empty.

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