Monday, October 11, 2010


     How smart are we really? That we allow history to repeat it's over and over again as greed over takes sound judgment. A free market only works for everyone if checks and balances are in place to pervent greed from becoming the drive force behind the gains it makes. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. When people only Look at way's to take all they can get, instead of doing the right thing
 for everyone. Doing the right thing is always harder, when making money is the only driving force of why your in business.
     It doesn't matter if you're left or right wing or somewhere in between. Listen closely to what some will try to call the fact's. Whenever you hear statements like these: "a source close to" or "it's been reported","I was told this by someone I trust off the record"and lastly "I've got the proof right here". It seem to me that no matter the source of the information. If the person isn't willing to give a way to verify and confirm the information they are calling the truth. That may or may not be supported by the fact's of public records that can seen and or researched, or is it just the person intreption of the information they heard or been given to support their argument. We tend to trust what supports your view sometimes blindly, we must be willing to look at all sides of issues and take the time to understand it, could we be letting our fear's over ride our ability to reason. Allowing Fear a very strong emotion, to take control over you fear of something not fully understood has been used in histroy over and over again to control the many to hurt the few.
     One more question if a government can't buy stock in a company to help save thousands of jobs in it's our country how is this a bad thing?
     About trusting the stockmarket history has shown us that it has, can, and will be manipulated again and again. Because it's controled by the amount of faith people have in something that decides the value of it, now if you still believe your money is safe in the hands of wallstreet you can go ahead and keep it there if you want too. Each time the stockmarket has crashed the recovery is slower then the last one because people become saver's and spend only that they have to spare, no one like's to get caught with their pant's down!
    "A lie gets half way around before the truth has a chance to get its pants on" Winston Churchill (1869-1948)

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Anonymous said...

Yes history really does have that habit, I'm glad I listened to my Grandparents. Saved me a boat load of money!! Thanks for writing this!