Friday, March 6, 2015

Writing again feels oh so good!

Very glad I was able to get a new desk top computer, using a normal size wireless keyboard with a screen big enough, to see what I'm writing as I write it. Happy dancing in my head.

Not being able to write, has been hard having thoughts stuck in my head for too long. At first I spent days then weeks, working at putting my thoughts together on my computer and out of my head, was so frustrating, after looking at what I had written the day before, none it made sense it felt like a complete waste of my time. So I stopped wasting my time, something I despise doing because of limitations of my time and energy. 

Instead I decided doing something Nacho and I both, enjoy doing together going for walks. At first I wasn't sure how far we were walking my friend and neighbor told me about now I plan route or input the route after we get back.  I first started using it in the last week of July 2014. Since then Nacho and I have logged 380 miles, I count them as Nacho's smiles. In 148 walks, spending 132 hours walking. The longest walk we took was 6.31 miles. Have needed to replace my walker twice, I'm on my sixth set of wheels, if I count the set that came with the walkers. I'm going to try waiting until spring, to replace them for the seventh time, the salt and sand eats them away so fast. 

 Thought I would lose the use of my leg's first, how silly of me  thinking I knew what m.s. would do next. Instead it's been the muscles in my fingers, hands and wrists are getting weaker. Control of my fingers grabbing holding on yep dropping, knocking stuff over, cleaning up little messes mostly water. My computer and power strip are safely out of harms way. Being a two finger typist, having four fingers on each hand, is really helpful!!

As always I do what I can, when I can for as long as I'm able.

New computer with wireless mouse and keyboard which I love.
a Apple mini mac.

The Minnehaha Creek frozen Falls
in South Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Photo taken on a 5.04 miles walk with Nacho
On Monday the 2nd of March. 


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