Tuesday, March 24, 2015

With our lack of snow, been walking more.

Nacho has loved our lack of snow, we have been able to walk down to the Mississippi River. Using Map My Walk .com Once it starts really warming up, the number of deer ticks, will rise making the risk of getting bitten too great. Having m.s. is bad enough, adding lyme's disease into the mix. No thank you very much. Once it stays above 50 for a week, walking there will end, until we have a hard freeze sometime in November. This has been the first year since moving to the  city of Minneapolis, I've been able to walk the Mississippi River Parkways, all because of our lack of snow. 

Most of the time we still have a blanket of snow in wooded places like this.

Piles of snow and ice from the snow plows clearing the roads is already gone.

This year has been, the earliest the snow has been gone for the streets and everywhere, having grown up here I can't remember a time it clear of snow and ice this soon. Last year we had more snow on the ground, than we had all this winter. Our largest snow fall this winter was yesterday the 24 March 2015 it was only 3 to 4 inches, the only snow we see today is on the grass. May end up losing more trees because, there wasn't a blanket of snow, to stop the roots from freezing. 

Nacho hasn't minded the lack of snow, been enjoying laying in the yard watching the birds. Nacho keeps trying to get the squirrels to drop the peanuts I feed them in the front yard, The squirrels out smart him by dropping them on the other side of the fence.

A few of the pictures I took from our walks

The frozen Mississippi a few short weeks ago 

The Minnehaha Creek falls

Minneapolis downtown skyline

The University of Minnesota

HWY 94 bridge
over the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River bluffs

In the month of March Nacho and I have walked 45 miles taking 19 hours to do it. With little snow and ice it's been cold, so no worries about getting over heated. M.S. did mess me up left leg hurt with every step, then stopped working. Using different muscle groups it's working good so far, the human body is amazing in it's ability to adapt to change. Walking with Nacho is my favorite thing to do. Would be nice if my hands and arms worked better, a bit harder to fix not as many large muscle groups to work with. Doing my best with what I've got to work with.

Living is a choice I choose to make everyday. Won't buy into the negative, it's a waste of time. Instead I rise to the challenge of the day already knowing it will be what I make it. Life is to short to worry about things I have no control of. That's just about everything, expect me.  Find joy in the odd little things of the day and smile. 

Time for a walk with Nacho, he's outside waiting for me.

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Andaje said...

Mary, good to hear that you are able to go out and about without all the snow and having a good time with Nacho