Thursday, February 26, 2015

Computer crashed

     After my dell crashed the hard drive for the 2nd time in 
four years. Did more research asking for a computer with
better compatible with different software makers. Learning a
totally new operating system isn't as hard as I thought, it's a
Apple Mac mini desk top, the monitor is a samsung with
a 22 inch wide screen, wireless keyboard and mouse. in the
four years I had my laptop, I didn't use it much outside of the
house more than a few times. My hands have gotten weaker
having a normal size keyboard has made typing a lot easier,
the bigger screen has made reading easier, Not needing my
reading glasses to see is wonderful. I have three pair of
reading glasses of different powers I don't need to find, a time
saver for sure. The bonus is now Jane and I can watch nature
shows, movies and youtube videos online together. This
system is working better then my laptop ever did.
Now I can get back to writing again.

Yep I'm Happy dancing inside my head finally! 


Nancy Mahlendorf said...

So sorry about your computer. Sounds like you got a much better one to use. Keep writing!

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Thank's Nancy, already started working on my next post :)