Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Putting on miles=smiles with Nacho.

This has turned out to be a very nice summer, with more cool days than h-o-t, for the first time in three years too cool for having a garden maybe next year. With the temperatures being mostly in 50’s for lows and high being mainly low 70’s, when we go for walks. Nacho and I have put on the Miles so far this year it’s well over 50 miles, without the help of my standup walker it would be zero! Nacho puts on more miles than I do running ahead and back again, again, training him on a retractable leash and with my walker, didn't take long at all. Now when I lock the door Nacho knows we are going for a walk, he tries to help by putting his nose in his collar, then stands very still when I put on his harness. Nacho is all smiles, loves meeting and making new Doggy and people friends, being cute and his crying makes it easy, to see all he really wants is to be friends. Nacho doesn't care if the dog is big, tiny or small all he wants is to play. For a male dog, he’s rare he shows no need to dominate any dog he meets and I’m glad he feels that way, so much easier to make friends.

This year is the best year since moving here for me I'm able to do more outside. Now if I could set temp at 68 to 72 degrees would be awesome for Nacho and me.  


Nancy said...

So happy you and Nacho are having a wonderful summer. He is so cute.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Thanks, Yes he is, hope your having a good weekend.

kmilyun said...

Aug the Nacho Nacho Man LOL glad your having a great time!