Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I have faith in God! Little faith in man acting on God's behalf.

How can and why do Republicans keep saying they are protecting the Constitutional way of life? I know they seem to think the framers of The Constitution, based it on Christian values, if that is true why wasn't it written into our Constitution. Nowhere within does it specifically mention Christianity or God. The first four Presidents of this country were not like the Christians of today, they believed in a natural God shocking I know.

Since then many people keep trying to change history and The Constitution like the Christian faithful, President’s and The Congress continue trying, to bring God into the Government of The United States. Being a nation of laws, and a Democracy Republic, with everyone having an equal voice and vote taking part in the government. By bring only the Christian God into the government we will be doing the opposite of why the framers kept it out. Christian colonists branded non-christians on the forehead with red-hot irons, bore them through their tongues, confiscated their property and threw them in jail, hanged them and burned them at the stake. Even now some Christians are claiming that non-Christians are "criminals under the CONSTITUTION".  Again Article one "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." That means people can freely exercise whatever religious belief they wish. Thanks to the Constitution, Christians can no longer persecute and kill those who do not agree with them. The framers of this Democracy Republic were men of great faith in God. However for the freedom of all the people, it had to be based on the rule of Law.

Seeing what is happening all over this country. Conservatives often never blink an eye when supporting freedoms for straight, white Christian males—but for everyone else, those freedoms are often debatable.

Case in point:

Seeking to ban abortion, though our Supreme Court (per the powers given to the court by our Constitution) says a woman’s right to choose is a constitutionally protected right (Roe v. Wade).

Defining marriage as only between a man and a woman, based on some religious beliefs. Though our Supreme Court (per the powers given to the court by our Constitution) says it is a legal right between two adults.

The Affordable Care Act passed by Congress, signed by the President and upheld as Constitutional by the Supreme Court (per the powers given to the court by our Constitution).

Being a Christian I believe in the freedom of choice, I will not force my choice on anyone for my faith doesn't allow me to judge anyone. When my judgement day I will stand before God and accept my judgement, for God is the only one who can see what's in my heart.

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