Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Got it done, day of rest!

Yesterday was a busy day, got to use snow blower, roof rake and shovel at first it was light and fluffy, when it stopped snowing and the sun came out oh boy did it get heavy and sticky. It took the whole day, feels good to start and finish all in one day! Not able to do a happy dance tonight, that’s okay, I’m doing one on the inside. Nacho had a great time he loves snow watching him trying to run through the snow, more like jumping up and over it. Yep it turned out to be a very good day. Hope you found a way to have a good day:-)
This will melt!

Sad tears Nacho and I can't go for a walk
No way my walker will work!:-(

Now a few of Nacho Man!!

My shadow

Trying to find a snow ball

Yep hes asking for another one!

As for me today is for resting, it did take 11 hours for me to get it done. I'm proud of what I did with Nacho helped to keep me entertained. Today is all about recovering for me Nacho is napping and watching people walk by or watching the birds fly into the tree. 

The path to street from house
No not my car or  anyone who live on this street!
A bit rude ya think!


Mary Gerdt said...

Congratulations on this feat!We keep dodging it knock on wood. Get some rest! Havw a great week! Mary

Nancy said...

Oh golly I need to rest seeing your photos! Indeed, rest. You did it girl.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Mary,Nancy, Thank you just learned we'll be getting all forms of moisture this weekend thankfully most will be rain. Have a great week!!

kmilyun said...

Wow what a job. Love the pics of Nacho. Hope your getting some rest after all that snow blowing.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Thank's kmilyun, Yep, feeling better. This weekend we may not get much snow instead rain, freezing rain and sleet on top of the snow we still have! Fun fun oh brother!!!:)
Spring is coming weather folks saying may hit 50 in two weeks sun screen. Te He