Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nacho goes for a walk, as I go for a hike!

With spring coming I wanted to share with pictures, how Nacho goes for a walk and I go for a hike at the same time. Nacho and I are looking forward to the ice and snow melting away and going to the gulf of Mexico and to Canada one of our rivers here flows south, turns west then north. In the winter here it's the sun that melts the snow not the temperature, it's a mess sun goes water becomes ice, as you will see.
The walk the hike 
Nacho and Me

Over ice covered hills

Some more like mountains too high to climb

On thin ice
Nacho walks the edge and moves on to the
snow so his paws don't get wet.

Not thick enough for me and my walker
no dry feet for me.

To have four paws 
Instead of four wheels and two legs
that don't work well

Home not so fast
Too many steps!
energy level too low!
Home at last
almost done
Mom I'm wet
and need a nap!
Salt washed off and all dried
Nap time for Nacho man! 
Sweet not so little man.


kmilyun said...

The two of you had quite the time. Love the story telling with pictures. Not so sure I could have made such a hike. I see slipping and sliding . ...

Having never lived in a snow area I had never thought about salt and having to wash it off the dogs. Nacho looks very content.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

each time we go for a walk, it's a bit of slip and sliding for both of us. Having lived with snow most of my life, we call it the winter shuffle.LOL

Salt is hard on their pads and many people use too much, it can cut up their pad and make them sick.

Thanks, He's a great dog.

kmilyun said...

I can see where not washing the feet would cause problems. I really had never thought about it. We always cleaned the dogs after hikes just seemed like a good thing to do. Mostly a peanut butter pine sap affair.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Now that sounds like a real mess!!