Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Not a fan of paying full price, unless I must..

Most of the time Jane and I do our shopping in stores or on-line together, I always have a stack of coupons, for the things we eat or use. Keeping track of what we have has always been my job. Because I hate running out and after being a Battalion supply Sargent, keeping track of our inventory is easy even with M.S. so far. Jane draws the line on only one thing Toilet paper no more than 120 rolls in the house at anytime. Why? Because at the end of 2011 we had 192 rolls. Now in my defense I paid 3 to 4 dollars off each 12 pack we had, I only got it if on sale and could use a coupon, in 2012 we didn't buy any, last weekend was the first time we needed to buy T.P. yes on sale with a coupon of course. When I'm not able to go with her, I'll give her a list and the coupons, Jane really doesn't like shopping, so I keep it as short as I can. The part Jane loves is figuring how much we saved, the highest was 84% most of the time it between 5~20% we both get a kick out saving money.

Jane and I went out to dinner, with my brother Brian and Mary his wife my sister in-law on Saturday night. To Red Lobster for dinner we all like eating there, being lobster fest was a bonus. Brian & Mary gave us a gift card for Christmas and I had a two coupons one for $4. off the other a free appetizer. The appetizer lobster stuffed mushrooms, Jane loves mushrooms I love the stuffed part. The dinners are huge so each split a dinner and ordered a side salad, worked great only leftovers were rolls we took them home mum.  With the gift cards and the coupons all we paid was the tip having been a waitress, I tip for good service as does Brian and it was great, Jane told them I figure out the tip, Mary said that's Brian's job too. We all had a great time, I think this was the first time the four have ever gone out to eat together. Jane and I don't eat often, in the winter with the snow and ice it's not worth the work.

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kmilyun said...

Eating out is such a treat here for us anyways. sounds like you had a great time. Coupons - KRP is the head of that department here and does a find job of it. Buy one get one free, dollars off . ... oh yeah!