Friday, June 1, 2012

Life is crazy, I know that's nothing new.

It's funny how life can surprise me after all these years. Glancing back it wasn't easy, some of my choices uff da, not sure how I lived through those yet I'm still here. So much have changed in just 50 years and too many have stayed the same. Still I'm looking for answers to questions I've been asking for years, here are just a few of them.
1) As for fossil fuel like oil when it's pump out of ground what is it replaced with or is the space just left to fall into it's self?
a) If oil keeps hot things cooler, was it helping to keep the planet cool or don't we know or care?
2) Why do we seem to know more about outer space then the planet we live on and how and why it works?
a) Is it now the plan to use up all the natural resources of this planet and just leave it?
a.1) Will the same people that think it's Okay to do what we've done to this planet, be the ones going to find a new place to start over?
3) Why do we grow more food to feed animals, then we do to feed people. When so many people die from hunger each year?
4) Now that a corporation is a person are they going to be held to a higher standard and care about the people that work for them by paying a living wage? 


Karen said...

So many questions, so few answers.

As a one time vegetarian, the answer to question 3 seems to be...people won't give up eating meat, if we did, we could feed the world with the grain that the animals consume.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Karen, I agree, I've cut back on meat to be more healthy, going with more free range and grass fed meat. Seems I eat less, yet I'm full. Have a good weekend.

Muffie said...

You really don't ask easy questions on your pop quiz, do you? Gives us a lot to think about, though! Thanks for the reminders.

kmilyun said...

Oil removed from ground I thought was removed from porous rock like stuff. Water sucked from a sponge? No vacant space just dried out maybe replaced by water?

does oil cool stuff or reduce friction?

Perhaps someone knows more about earth than lets say mars but they just dont let us know. Maybe the first group of humanoids to occupy a new planet would be more concerned about eco systems because they will more conscious of the systems. Imagine after the first few generations the decline will start.

Animal feed v human feed umm -overpopulation, greed, . ...

Corporations = ratkings?

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Muffie, Not this time. Sorry been looking for answers to some of these for a long time. Thank's for stopping by, Hope your having a good weekend:)

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Kmilyun, 1)Drilling into pockets of oil, like we do for water. Oil sand is sucked like a sponge true.

Helps to maintain even heat, to reduce friction of moving parts. I could be wrong, it gets thicker the hotter it gets.

I'm not so sure with the way human history, keeps repeating it's self over and over again.

Just because something tastes good doesn't mean it good for you.

Greed is a big part of all of them I think.

Now now remember, they are people too we don't want to go and hurt their feeling! Do we? Wait not sure if they have a heart or not! They can suck the life out of humans, so I think your right on that one!

Hope your having a nice weekend:) Thanks for stopping by with your questions/answers.