Monday, February 6, 2012

Time taking it's toll on everyone!


Having M.S. has not helped at all, from bowel to vision it’s been a trial and error. That’s still ongoing not likely to stop any time soon. It’s not all bad, it will surprise me with a short rest bit that never seems to last long enough, however I’ll take what I can get.
          Now for the reason for this post Jane and I are going on a vacation very soon. We had painted the living room a few weeks ago, Jane has been telling me, we need to get the dining room done soon or they won’t match! Unlike me Jane is a worrier and has been long before we met. The older the habit is the harder it is to change and I have tried and failed. Knowing this and Jane too well after 17 years she would be thinking (worrying) about it when we are supposed to be having fun.
Well I got us started painting on Thursday and we finished up late last night, after the super bowl was over. The team with the least amount of mistakes won, enjoyed it very much. We did a good job on the painting and I’ll have the time needed to recover, before we go on vacation.
          We are both feeling the effects of doing this today. The satisfaction of doing it and seeing how much better it looks, is helping. However I keep finding myself thinking back, when it took only two days and further back it would have taken a day, remembering even further back when my Mom and I had painted the living and dining room, hallway and up the stairs in two days. Realizing it’s not just M.S. that’s slowed me down, living has played a major part in that as well. The memories from then to now are happy ones of team work and pride in a job well done. Then as now it was fun, going from start to finish, the conversations and range of topics hasn’t changed much covering everything, including all the memories made of doing this over the years. Asking myself the same question each time, was it worth the price I’m paying now for doing this? Yes it sure is, for had I not done this, those memories may have stayed locked away until who know when. They were all worth any price to remember them again and now I’m able to add another one.
          What did Jane talk about this morning besides how sore she was! She said; "When we get back, from vacation maybe we should paint the bathroom?" I think I’ll let her answer that one after she comes home from work tonight. LOL


Karen said...

Hubbers does all the painting now. Come spring, the whole lower level is getting a fresh coat!

Hope you enjoy your vacation!

Mary K. Mennenga said...

You bet we will, learned my lesson last year on the Florida trip 2 ER's within 24 hrs.No over doing it this time around.