Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Christmas Reflection

Last year I didn't do the Christmas decorating thing, with my Mom gone and Jane's sister Karen so sick. Putting up a Christmas tree and all that goes with it, was too much for me to handle at the time. This year I've been making up for not doing it last year. Of course I hadn't taken into account having Primary Progressive M.S. and losing abilities that I had last year. Maybe I should ask for help but knowing if I did, I'd get all kinds of help, some in the form of doing it for me, which is taking over control, that isn't the type of help I want or need. The trouble is all my memories of  doing Christmas decorating with Mom at her house, even after I had moved out. We would go to get her Christmas tree at stands that pop up after Thanksgiving or go cut one down. Her requirement was wide and not too tall. Every year we went, At the stand she always pick the one that was a bit off that no one else seemed to want. At the cut your own tree place, never did cut one down she would see a poor discarded tree that someone had already cut down then have me hold it up and give it a spin, then declare it to be her Christmas tree! Telling her the first few times how bad the flaws were, some had two trunks or shaped like an S or a C. But she would hear none of that. Saying only that it was perfect because it was going to be a Christmas tree. After we got it home I would put on her 500 lights, working to hide as many of the flaws as I could. Together we hung all of her ornaments, each  had a special meaning and many had been gifts from people so dear to her. Each year after sitting down to check our work, that's when I realized she was right it truly was a perfect Christmas tree with all the love hanging on it.

My Christmas tree is up with it's 500+ lights, yes I can feel all the love coming from it and I know she's enjoying it with me.
Karen and her sisters
Char and Jane

Passed away October 4, 2011
My Mom Adele and me
October 25 1930 ~ April 13, 2010
Here is the tree that brought back so many wonderful memories of Christmas.
Thanks for reminding what Christmas is all about
Caring, Sharing and
Christmas or Xmas
Either way you write it
You can't take Christ out of 
Both mean the exact same thing!



Karen said...

Christmas is the time for cherished memories and love. I think the trees are beautiful tributes to both.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Karen, Thank you and I agree! It's only one tree with three different views sorry about that:(

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. Have a warm season. mary

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Mary, I'm glad you liked it. May your Holiday season be full of love, joy and laughter. mkm

the cuz you cared for and kept in control as a lil brat said...

Ya know Mary when I read what you wrote about the story of them there tree's it made me think and if I remember right you guys always had the tree's with longer needles, didn't you? And as I sit here and think when I would sit in the chair right next to it that damn I wish we had a tree with long needles. Also I NEVER seem a flaw in any of the tree's you had over the years. Who knows, shit maybe it's I'm 44 now and I think in a different way but it's nice that some people know and understand that Christmas isn't always about getting presents and ya know my kids are at that age where I think they get it.

Luv Me, Love You. (lol) Jay

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Jay, We always had a balsam short needles and great smelling. Remember Rusty and that tail, knocking ornaments off the tree! How could anyone, find flaws in a Christmas tree, that's decorated with so much love!
Love you too, Jay