Thursday, December 15, 2011

I've been well M.S. is making NO trying to be...

... A kill joy to put it nicely! Sorry I'm not given into that crap wait bull crap. 
Time for a little chat with my brain yes I talk to my brain No it does not answer not so far, one of these days who knows. However it has a lot to answer for! Like why does it not listen or at least try to find a way to limit the number of times it tells a muscle to do what it never did before m.s. I don't have or take dummy pills! (some may not agree) Come on making two muscle work against each other is painful and why did it let that message get through sense less. I'll think about getting up, after I do stand up without the help of my muscles. I swear my brain waits until I'm upright and taking the first step, that's when it sends the message, yep it gets through, so the those muscles try and thankfully don't get my knee to go backward the knee cap gets in the way. Wish my brain would listen to me, I thought I gave better sense then that.

Not going to fix what wrong with this and no I'M not "NUTS" but M.S. is totally not letting me talk to my BRAIN!  

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