Sunday, April 17, 2016

    Spent most of last year walking with Nacho, taking a few photo's along the way. Nacho and I walked 553 miles taking 247 hours in 176 walks, replacing 3 sets of wheels on stand up walker, 3 pairs of walking shoes. For the first time walking all 12 months of the year! Nacho  loves walking it's good for me also. 

The year in picture's

Taken March 2 a 5.72 mile walk.

Frozen Minnhaha falls

Minneapolis skyline April 7.56 mile walk

The east bank of Mississippi River

Nacho having a relaxing breakfast.

Spring showers

May Flowers

May day

Nacho's late night playing ball!
 Brings on a cool spring night Nap time.

Taken on June 8 2015 a 7.13 mile walk

Dinner after another 5 mile walk

Mississippi River locks closed for at least 3 years
Using some of that time, to find ways to deal with the invasive, Asian carp!

The tree that shaded our backyard died from Dutch elm disease

Two hours later all gone

Late July fall color's starting early on the Mississippi River

A wider view

August spots of color show up

 By September the Mississippi River bank in bright color's

October did not disappoint fire on top

Mississippi River Sunset
On the Ford Parkway Bridge

Minneapolis, Minnesota Sky line

Golden color

Fallen colors

Color gone shades of white and black

Mississippi River,

Mississippi river Overlook Park 

Nacho doesn't mind the snow

Not in black and white.

Looking North Mississippi River

Oak trees hold on to leafs until spring

The end is near

 The Mississippi isn't so mighty here 

Last picture of 2015

      It's Already March 2016, Nacho and I have walked every month this winter, putting in 118 miles so far. Walking is the easiest thing I'm able to do without my standup walker and Nacho, don't know where I'd be. The good thing is I only think about that then I can't open the bathroom door because, my hands are to weak to open it. Nacho saves me from thinking too much, about the abilities I've lost. Nacho makes friends with most dogs and humans effortlessly. When he senses danger he goes into guard mode, we make a good team and keep each other safe. Nacho and I spend much of our time outside when we can, the weather this winter has been mild. Getting out is nice, stuck in the house not a problem so far.

Learning a few lessons, so rolling is faster than walking. Losing balance, let go of walker  regain balance, pick up walker roll on.
I'm doing good having Nacho is my bright spot everyday. 


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Wow these pics show so many interesting things! I am impressed by the mighty Mississippi! Nacho is too cute! I don't know how you can walk so much, miles but I am so happy you do. Yes it can drive me crazy if I think of what I lost to MS!

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Kim, Walking is one of the few things I'm able to do, using a stand upright walker. My hands and fingers are the problem, so Nacho and I do a lot of walking he has many doggy friends we visit with also.

Using mapmywalk has helped Nacho and know how far we've gone. living so close to the Mississippi River Parkway system with bike and walking paved paths makes it fun, with wild life every where. It's almost like not living in the city with over 300,000 people!