Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Now I think I'm Back for good, hopefully anyway!

It's been a bit of a rush first my hard drive crashed, wasn't able to save my software, so finds my way wasn't working out well at all. After a day of figuring it out here I am doing better than before and thankfully I kept my files stored on flash drives and not on the computer and my pictures on line and on CDs.

What I've missed is reading all the different kinds of blogs and checking on the news all over the world to get a wider view. Much of what I've missed I'll now start to read, I haven't been idle, the garden is in and growing soon the flowers we planted will bloom, the lawn is growing like a weed truth is most of it is but hey at least it's all green. Soon I'll be posting and reading more, I've missed the M.S. blogger it's where I go for answers a laugh and so much more. Here's a tidbit I got from my Dad "It's okay to drink and drive, just don't drive like you've been drinking that all!"