Tuesday, September 3, 2019

I've been away too long.

 It's been a long time, since I posted any thing on here. Last year, spent a lot of time walking with Nacho everyday. It's been hard getting back into posting. Putting my feeling into word's, that look back at me from the screen. At this point I've always stopped.

Cancer in all it's forms, has taken away too many people we love.  

Putting my feeling into words, is harder. Been holding them in for so long waiting for the other shoe to drop. Haven't felt able to put into word's my feeling.

Now it's 9/3/19

I've spent the last 3 years,  Walking Nacho Man, for 2543 miles. Watched my Nephew get married, even danced with him. On September 17 2019, I'll see the oncologist for the last time I hope! The result from the last test's for cancer are done, no red flags, good news. My Doctor isn't happy about the amount of weight I've lost. I'm not it's 60 pounds in 3 year's, going from a 44 inch waist to a 34 feels great, I can see my feet for the first time in years. My energy level is better, stretching out more often, helps with flexibility. Making better choices of what needs to be done now and what can wait. The most important part for me is taking care of Jane and Nacho. The same way they take care of me.

Now about that other shoe to drop
I've finally stopped worrying
About it!

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