Saturday, October 12, 2013

The park, Nacho and Shannon playdate.

This is the park Nacho and I walk to or if I'm having a good day we'll walk around it. The shortest route distance, from our house to the Park and back is a half mile. The longest route we have taken is 3 1/2 miles, with many stops along the way. 
This picture is looking South.

This picture is looking West.

Looking East

This is Lucy she is one of Nacho Girlfriends.
We walk by her house on our way to the park.

Shannon catching her breath 

Nacho is watching over the ball, waiting for Shannon
to catch her breath, so they can continue playing.
I did take more pictures and video, these are the two that turned out.
The others looked more like two floating black furball. 

The Park is where I watched A Sunset surrendering to the Night.
a wonderful way to end a great day. Living in the city the park is the one place I can go to see the sky. After living in Wisconsin for 13 years, being able to see the sky from horizon to horizon, it is what I've missed the most.

Bonus Picture
What Nacho did the first time I tried to take his picture!
The not so little big Shit!!


Karen said...

Looks like a great spot for both of you to get your exercise! Merfy (my dog) always looks away the second I snap the picture!

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Karen, This was the first time, Nacho did it. Now he's started giving me his profile, pets are wonderful companions and very entertaining.