Friday, January 11, 2013

The original cast of character's.

Have been a big part of my life, mostly from the stories my Mom has shared about her family when she was growing up, I Never knew my grandmother or my grandfather, both died before I was born. Yet through all the stories, I heard from her sisters, brother and the in-laws who knew them it is easy to see how each of Mayme’s children became independent and different from each other. However, the love they shared for each other and Mayme was a bond of respect and love. From her own children’s stories of her Mayme was a character. Buying “2932” on her own the first time her husband saw it was the day they moved in. The job she had chosen after her husband passed away, becoming an arch welder her reasoning was sound, it paid better than most jobs.
Last week my Uncle Bill and Auntie Nan passed away. It brought back memories, of all the stories she and her family had told, is the reason why I call them a cast of characters. The stories they told made them laugh, do not remember any that were hurtful or mean spirited. Memories when Mom talked about her brother and sisters as a family, she said, we are all Mayme’s own! Having so many great memories of my Aunties, Uncles and all of my cousins, growing up along with all of Mayme’s own with all coming and going through “2932” from Mayme on down, that house held more than history and memories made there. The love shared to and with all who passed through the door was never forced or faked, all were welcome to visit or stay always had room for more. Saturday’s morning’s I remember waking up hearing Mom talking to one of her sister’s on the phone, not long after our cores were done. One or more of our Auntie showed up with our cousins. The oldest was Auntie Jo and Uncle Bill they had 5, Uncle Ervin and Auntie Nan had 3 those cousin’s lived with us at that time, thought Molly was my big sister and David, Peter my brothers no one told me that, learned they were not when Molly moved out, didn't change how I felt about them. Auntie Carol and Uncle Ole had five all boy’s, Auntie Alice had two. What I remember is when we were all together we could play kickball or baseball in the back yard. As everyone got older, we always were together on the holidays.
The memories of Uncle Bill as a kid, he came over shortly after dark, to get night crawlers for their yard; we had a ton of them. Allowed to help him was great fun he told me; I was one of the best night crawler hunters around. For me getting to be outside after dark, with a flashlight Mom being okay with it was fun. With Uncle Bill it was always about fun he always had a very small pocketknife, he would pull it out and say let me have a piece of that ear or something like that I would run and hide under the piano he would put the pocketknife away pick me up and give me a hug and say go play. Saw Uncle Bill at Uncle Ole’s wake, told Jane this is my uncle with the pocketknife as said it he pulled it out and yes, I jumped a little.
My Auntie Nan getting to know her better after my Mom fell out of bed breaking her arm. Mom had a hard time talking on the phone it was the arm she held the phone with, I starting calling Auntie Nan with updates. After Mom went back home between the three of us we worked out a time for Auntie Nan to call Mom once a week so they could visit. Mom’s vision was going she could see dirt on the carpet but not the buttons on the phone or the T.V. remote. The last time Mom got sick then moved into hospice care. Auntie Nan and I talked a lot, her sharing her side of Mayme and Mom’s history with me was fun for both of us. Auntie Nan remarked how having talked to all three of us Mayme, Mom and me how much we all sounded alike, yet saying the same things in different ways.

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