Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time and the ought to do.

It seems: Time we either have too much or not enough. Even though each hour holds the same amount of minutes and seconds! Who decides when something is a waste of time or does it matter? Having been asked "why are you wasting time doing this or that?" Trying to tell people because it's important to me, for some unknown reason, I'm told no body will notice! Sorry but I will, are they saying I'm nobody I don't think so. Time is a funny thing, how it can fly when your having fun. How it can drag on like doing anything you have to do that you would rather not do but, it's one of those things you ought to do!

About the ought to do's, I understand some ought to do, I've got to do like: seeing the doctor, having blood tests, basic stuff that needs checking on because of having m.s. and age has also become a factor.

When it comes to family and friends at times it feels like I'm the ought to do thing! Of course I love them and I know they love me that's a given. It seems at times to be a bit forced. Calling me which I have told them is hard for me. Having asked to just send me an E-mail because, it easier for me to write than to talk on the phone because, I'm so easily sidetracked that after I hang up I don't remember half of the conversion it's so frustrating! Knowing I kept them on the phone much longer then they or I had intended. Not wanting anyone to feel they should or have to visit or call, if that's the reason I would rather they not come or call at all. With my family and friends the bond I feel we share is love, no matter if we see each but once or maybe twice a year or if only by Facebook or g+ and or e-mail. Love is always present between us no matter what. It's a matter of trust and don't trying reading between the lines for I haven't written anything there! No matter how far apart we are there is always a line of love that keeps us connected.

As for my blogger, g+ and m.s. friends. That I have only met profile to profile and shared somethings I know 98% of those things I've chosen to share, I wouldn't want to be shared with people who aren't going through this crap we go through each day as we work through the punches M.S. lands seemly everyday.To find and keep our new normal's as long as we can. The one thing I do know about M.S. if I'm not careful, it will stand up and kick my anal-orifice or butt or my
a-double-s! Please pick the one your most comfortable with. 


Sherri said...

i hate talking on the phone anymore... i can't hear so good with these newer phones, they are hard to hold on to for very long... and i spend so much time on the phone at work that i just don't want to do it lol somedays i get really annoyed when it rings...haha

email is perfect! i love email... i like it better than any of the social network junk and better than chat... email! it rocks my socks :)

Mary K. Mennenga said...

I feel the same way about email, I still have an older phone/answering machine it's over 20 years old I love it. don't use chat can't type fast enough two maybe three finger typist that me.
Have a good weekend Sherri
Did you find a name for your new website?

Mary Gerdt said...

Prefer email. Still wondering why but I feel uncomfortable interrupting people

kmilyun said...

I dislike the phone. Like blogs. Can not keep up with all the nuances and side conversations - for lack of a better explanation - that are created when parts of conversations are scattered across the different social networks.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Hi Mary Gerdt,interrupting people is one of those things that I think should always feel a bit uncomfortable.

kmilyun, I hear you, it takes me so long to write my comment 4 people have commented before I'm done, blogging works better for me.

kmilyun said...

Blogs do allow for more thought before typing and the text does not scroll down out of sight as others comment or move onto another subject.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

kmilyun, Yes they do and I'm glad. Hope your having a good week!