Saturday, May 28, 2011

I understand that rain must fall

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But I'm sorry too much of a good thing becomes a flood. Living in Minnesota the birth state of the Mississippi, I've walked  and swam across it, up here it isn't all that hard to do.  I've seen how wide it gets the further south it flows, all the way to the gulf of Mexico. Having heard it called the Mighty Mississippi it doesn't often seem so mighty from all the way up here.

Last year Summer came first then we had our spring and then back to Summer, it was like Mother Nature just wasn't able to make up her mind. Fall came with Winter and the temperature took a dive, way below the averages the ground wasn't even frozen, when we got a foot of snow, before Fall was over we had five feet of snow. December came and by it's end we set the all time record for the most snow fall that's not easy to do up here. January and February are normally the coldest months of the year, it gets so cold it's just too cold to snow. This year was different even though the temperatures show it was too cold for snow we got a lot more snow. Here we don't get above 32 degrees for three to four months in winter. Most of the snow is still here until spring and what melting gets done is only from the sun. The spring was cold we had our last snow fall the first week of May and last weekend was the end of having frost. Now we are getting the spring rain that should have started in March, right now I'm glad it's waited so long with all the flooding that's happening down south. To see the Mississippi river turn into such a deadly and costly force isn't something I've ever seen before or want to see again. I pray for all affected by this spring weather that's been so deadly as well as fierce.

Some have said the weather doesn't have anything to do with what the human race has done! To me it seems are they really that blind. Just look at the foot print we have put upon the earth and on the seas as well, is it that we just don't want to see. For all we've taken from this rock that we call home, there maybe a price we need to  pay. The world it's self is changing and maybe it's time for us to do the same. Hopefully we will see we need the earth to live and realize it has no need us at all and as it's stewards I think we have failed miserably. Well that's the way it looks to me.

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Mary K. Mennenga said...

just seeing if now it is or I am now debugged!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

You are debugged :) Yes the Mississippi is mighty from the pics I see on TV. Funny how location changes it...We need to take care of this rock no matter what people think. Who wants to live with pollution...