Sunday, December 29, 2013

Such a wonderful year this has been.

Wishing all 
A Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

Okay make that a belated Merry Christmas!

I'm almost sad to see this year come to an end. First time I've said that in many years. The weather played a huge role in why as well as, our not so little man Nacho, going for walks. All the dogs we met throughout the year and those who stopped by for a play date. The many miles Nacho and I walked together was awesome. The pure joy he shows when I grabbed  his collar and the my keys, how still he stands as I put his harness on, knowing the sooner I get it on, the gate will open and off we would go, brings a smile to my face every time.

Finding new tools to help me do the things I enjoy. The house being clean has lost it's importance, it still must have order, a must in the kitchen with a clean stove and oven the dishes clean more often I'll let them drip dry instead of drying them and putting them away, only drying the silverware yep I don't like water spots. The dog hair when it's cold outside builds up faster, needing to brush inside is a mess, Nacho feels it's also play time like when we brush him outside. Jane and I do what we can, however a bit harder to do. Thankfully it rolls so when the heat comes on it piling up along the wall and corners, picking up the piles is much easier!

Have had setbacks with my abilities, more weakness inconvenient and annoying, testing my patience which is in short supply these days. Way too many trips and overnight stays at the V.A. Hospital the reason, I got the answer from my Doctor it's two problems a Hiatal Hernia which activated or aggrieved  a GERD know some people who have it, my heart goes out to everyone of them.

In a few day's 2014 will begin whatever, opportunities and challenges life has in store. Each one I will face head on, knowing my attitude will make it an adventure instead of an ordeal. Taking everything as it comes, sounds like a great plan. Knowing m.s. some will knock me across the room or down on my arce. I may piss and moan for a time, with a piss poor outlook on the whole world view. Thankfully it's doesn't last long, I detest wasting my time on what isn't within my control. Learning from my Mom when a problem lands in you're path you still have choices to make, I can choose to work under, around or through it the last two choices are to go over it or let it go. No matter sooner or later for I will dust myself off and pick myself up again! Still working at living my life in spite of what m.s. doing to me, I'll lose many battles however, I've already won the war! Of continuing to live my life no matter what m.s. does to me. Just because m.s. sucks doesn't mean my life needs to suffer also.