Saturday, August 15, 2020

Winter in Minnesota Jan 8 2020

2019 Started with record snowfall crushing the old record. Most of it fell from 4 February~ 15 March 2019. Nacho and I walked a record setting low for any month. February walking 13 miles on 6 walks, time it took 6 hours that's 2.16 miles per hours! Nacho walked more mile's than I did. Because I had to lift my walker over mounds of plowed snow, 3 feet high and 4~6 feet wide in many places. This year I've gotten a compact shovel to knock down some of the hight of the mounds.

Was running out of room.

Nacho needed a path to run around.
Going for walks  came down to walking around the block 5 times.

                                We still had snow in the backyard until late May!!


A lot of snow that year.

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